Original Moroccan Bowl Shaped Woven Baskets

The Bowl Shaped Woven Basket is a rigid basket made of esparto (Halfa or Doum in Darija), a plant native to North Africa, which is often used for making paper and making cords, baskets and espadrille shoes. The Bowl Shaped Woven Basket becomes like a plate used to protect foods such as bread, traditional cakes, nuts and fruits from dust and vermin. The esparto becomes a natural Repellent against pest s said. The rigid basket is available in large or small sizes, flat or round.  

With decoration colours. Each part is only made by hand by a woman, not according to a pattern or plan but according to feeling, which means that there is always only one piece like the painting, i.e. a work of Art.

There are several designs to select from (the design shown here is only for illustration purposes) please contact us

Size: dia 50cm we can produce any size you need.   

MOQ: 100 pieces different unique design 100% Hand made in Morocco

We have 1 year warranty on the Material of the Product                       

The terms is Ex-Work Casablanca- Morocco and the delivery date is about 60 days after receipt 50% deposit and balance T/T payment before shipment.


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