Terms and conditions

§ 1. Terms of payment

1.1. All our prices are net Ex-Works or FOB Casablanca, Morocco plus freight, packaging, postage and insurance in EURO due on the date of invoicing.

1.2. PAYMENT of 50% of total order value is due upon our order confirmation. Remaining balance of 50% of the order value is payable before delivery without any deductions for discount or the like.

1.3. PAYMENT of 30% of total order value is due upon our order confirmation. 70% by L/C payment for orders exceeding an order value of 50.000 EUROS.

1.4. PAYMENTS are to be wired directly to our Hong Kong or Morocco bank account without deductions of any bank charges or other costs for wire.

§ 2. Minimum Order

Minimum order quantities apply as stated in our offers. However, orders below stated minimum quantities can be negotiated against surcharge. We charge a 30% surcharge.

§ 3. Order

Orders are only acceptable in written form by FAX or via Email. Ancillary agreements and amendments must be in writing.

§ 4. Delivery

The buyer carries all risks for transportation.

§ 5. Complaints

can be considered only if they are asserted within 8 days after receipt of the goods. Before return our approval is to be caught up in all cases and to send free. With nonobservance of this regulation the back transmitter for all originating costs and disadvantages remains responsible.

Please, follow: Our product is a pure manual labor and no machine mass production, so that it concerns with every article a unique specimen. Isolated divergences as well as small irregularities are possible from there and not to look as defects.

Compensation claims of all kind are excluded.

Small divergences concerning color, cutting, equipment, width, weight and quality cannot be complained there it concerns products here around pure manual labor.

§ 6. Delivery

From approx. 1 to 10 weeks. If the date of delivery promised by us is crossed in more than 2 months, the customer has the right to set to us an adequate time limit of delivery of at least 4 weeks. If we also do not deliver of this extension, both parties to a contract are entitled to the resignation of the order. They renounce for this case to begin with all mutual claims. Part deliveries are allowed in all cases, also with fixed appointments. The information of terms of delivery is basically non-binding. Compensation claims because of not fulfillment or late delivery are excluded.

§ 7. Rejection

If the customer refuses the decrease at the end of an adequate extension sedate to him or declares before expressly not to want to decrease, we can withdraw from the contract or require compensation because of non-fulfillment

§ 8. Warranty

On all products EXXOT ® DESIGN we grant 12-month guarantee. With appearing mistakes, provided that these are based on material or manufacture faults, remedial action is taken within this time against this guarantee free of charge. Except Moroccan cement tiles, leather, wood, glass, ceramics, materials, Metal as well as other natural products, frames, colors, plastic and forms as well as damage which are caused by interventions of unauthorized side. The guarantee term amounts 12 months and begins with the delivery date. The guarantee does not apply to such damages which enter with the customer by natural wear, humidity or by improper treatment.

With our natural products, it comes to divergences to Color, structure or form size and product size compared with patterns or previous deliveries of the same product name. These divergences are natural-conditioned and not entitled to the fault rebuke.

§ 9. Reservation of Proprietary Rights

The product remains our property up to the entire payment.

§ 10. Right of return / exchange

Original packed products and Special models are excluded in general from taking back or exchange.

§ 11. Quality Certificate

All production products EXXOT ® DESIGN are tested systematically to guarantee for you a high high-class level. Should article show, nevertheless, from you acquire mistake, we ask you to turn to the responsible customer service or directly to us and to add the calculation.

§ 12. Data storage

According to §28 of the federal data protection act (BDSG) we draw the attention to the fact that the data necessary within the scope of the commercial winding up are processed by means of an EDP arrangement according to §33 (BDSG) and are stored. Personal data are treated of course confidentially.

Customer Service

Should you have any questions, please contact us. Contacting details are stated below for your reference. We are here for you and gladly answer all your questions. We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you! Please CONTACT US if you have any questions before you buy. Do not buy if you need a question answered first! We will attempt to answer your question within 12 hours except public holidays.

We have staffs who speaks English, French, German and Arabic